Saturday, February 9, 2008

Leaving Everything Behind

"Leaving everything behind, Levi got up and followed Jesus."

So I think this might be my answer to reflections from Thursday--leaving everything behind. How gutsy was it of Levi to follow Jesus? For that matter, how gutsy is it for anyone to leave behind their lives to follow Jesus?

While I struggle with the "what-ifs" of this question, I am so happy with my decision to join a religious community. I was walking last night, under the stars, and I was thinking about friends who are far away, whom I love and miss. I was sad. And then I started thinking about how my life is changing, how my attitudes are different, and how I am going to (as my friend put it) "live in God's house." God has chosen me, and I see that chosen life in front of me, and I am happy.

I'm still sad about the friends that I miss, but they are still with me, and they are still supportive of me, even if they are far away. I look forward to the time when I will not be just thinking about religious life and what it will be like, but when I will be living it!

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