Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Big Announcement Part 2

What 's in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet.
Romeo and Juliet, 2. 2

And now....

Now that I have finally announced to my little world that I want to be a nun, I can announce to my virtual nun-friends that I have a name!

My name is --

That's right, like "Romeo and Juliet."

Big happy sigh.

Though I might still go by Sophie's Daughter...since that status is my goal after all.

The Big Announcement

Well, I finally did it.

I told my boss that I want to be a nun.

And that I would not be returning for the next school year.

It went well. I am so thankful to finally have that "out of the bag" - and to be able to speak freely about my vocation and my desires. It has been frustrating to have all of that very carefully guarded.

My boss and my co-workers were all very sweet, some excited and some just happy for me. I knew that would be the case, that (since I am in a Catholic environment) the people I work with would be happy about this whole thing.

I have two weeks until my first interview for the application to the Society. I'm not really nervous, but then sometimes it hits me and I am. I am excited for things to get underway.

And I am sooo happy to have the whole announcement thing over with!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

And so we begin once again.

Well, enough about the kitties.

Life is full and busy. The semester started, and my classes are going well. I have a wide assortment of students, anything from those who are well educated in the subjects I teach to those who have never had a theology course in their life.

I will be making a clear distinction between "catechesis" and "theology." I do not teach catechesis to graduate students--you may read your own copy of the Catechism if you need that background. I will be assuming that my students understand generally the basic tenets of the faith, so that we can delve into theological explanations.

On another note, my application is moving through the RSCJ. I just set up my first interview for the beginning of October. Pray for me!

Naming the boys

So, I want to name the kittens, but I'm not sure what they should be called. They are both pure black with greenish eyes, and physically they are impossible to tell apart. Their personalities distinguish them, however.

Thoughts anyone?

My few ideas:
Yin and Yang (though they are both male)
Peter and Paul
Happy and Sleepy (from the 7 dwarfs, which means I'm Sneezy!)
Tick and Tock

I tend to call them my little munchkins!

Kitty update

The boys are growing and filling out. They're a little less skinny (thank heavens), but they still want to nurse. They try to do so on my fingers, my toes, anything they think might provide what they seek!

They also chase each other around the living room, climb on anything that they can, and pounce! It's really fascinating to watch them learn how to live. They are grooming themselves (and each other), and I can tell that one is a little more advanced than the other. He's more likely to pounce and also jumps down from higher things.

So sweet! I know, everyone says that I will become attached and won't want to give them up, but I know that can't happen. Yes, I am becoming attached, but I really cannot keep these little cuties. Aside from the whole preparing for religious life thing (and thus giving up possessions), they make me sneeze!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My sweet boys

I just volunteered to foster two little kitties--only about 4 weeks old! It's hard to tell their size, but the dishes in the background are saucers, for a little reference. They're precious. I don't have names for them yet, but I'm open to suggestions...

And no, I cannot keep them. Aside from the fact that I am allergic to cats, I am also trying my hardest to get rid of stuff, not acquire it! So if any of you readers out there would like to adopt a kitty in a month or so, they will be available. The woman who is "in charge" of their adoption said that they are just too little to be placed in a home alone--they need to be together for now. So, if you want two little kitties, let me know!