Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Week of Accomplishments

At the end of the summer it never fails: about half of the things the list of "things to do this summer" remains. But--the last few weeks are super-productive. So, here's an account of my productivity for the last week.

  • two syllabi are complete
  • two classes have been taught, and two more start soon
  • a translation that I started in May has been turned in
  • the extra readings for my fall class have been scanned and posted for student access
  • recycling was taken out (yay! floor space has returned!)
  • new friends have been invited to dinner next week (which means the apartment will be clean soon)
  • faculty meetings were attended (begrudgingly, I must admit)
  • most of my emails were answered
  • my desk was partially cleared off
Some big things did get done earlier in the summer: I turned in my complete application to the RSCJ over a month ago. That certainly cannot be overlooked! I'm now waiting for an initial interview, which should take place in September.

This week, I also started reading Mother Teresa's Come Be My Light. It's extraordinary--very beautiful, very touching. She was so devoted to the poor and to Jesus from the very beginning of her vocation as a Loreto nun. Her "vocation within a vocation" is an amazing call. I'm enjoying the book very much.

Happy Sunday, All!

Prayers to those in the southeast--especially New Orleans.

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