Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday Five Locked In / Out

From RevGalBlogPals:

The "Lock Me Out, Lock Me In" Friday Five.

1) How do you amuse yourself when road construction blocks your travel?
Well, lately my travels have been by myself, so my amusement is in the audiobooks that are my companions. By the way, I mentioned last week that I had five with me--I listened to two. In keeping with the theme, one of them was on when I hit construction (fortunately, there was little of that this trip). The Lady and the Unicorn by Tracy Chevalier was great. I love historical fiction, and this one imagines the creation of those lovely French tapestries that illustrate the story of the lady and the unicorn. It's imaginative, has some historical data (though actually very little) and doesn't go too far in the direction of historical smut, like some of those novels do. I really enjoyed it.

2) Have you ever locked yourself out of your house? (And do you keep an extra key somewhere, just in case?)
Not really. I mean, I've been locked out before, but it wasn't my fault. I lived in a small apartment building, and someone broke their key off in the front door lock. So I had to buzz someone else to let me in. When I called the landlord to tell him that someone else had done it, he didn't believe me! He said, sure, it was someone else. How rude! It really was not me!

3) Have you ever cleared a hurdle? (And if you haven't flown over a material hurdle, feel free to take this one metaphorically.)
Hmm... dissertation takes the cake. And, no, I have never actually cleared a material track-and-field hurdle. Not even one of the little ones. Though in high school I carried them around a lot--I helped with set-up for track meets.

4) What's your approach to a mental block?
It seems that the best way to deal with it is to do something else, to take your mind off it completely. Of course, usually when one has a mental block, that's all one can think about. So this is more theory than actual practice!

5) Suggest a caption for the picture above; there will be a prize for the funniest answer!
"News flash! Three men escape from high-security inflexible men's prison. They are wearing yellow plastic, and they may be linked together. If you see any persons fitting this description, call the police."


Diane said...

hey! I liked your answer #4, and think you have a pretty good caption, too!

DogBlogger said...

Good play! Our answers to #4 are nearly identical.

Songbird said...

I loved that Tracy Chevalier book, too!
And good caption. I'll name the winner later!

will smama said...

hee, hee, hee...

Anonymous said...

fun caption!!

Auntie Knickers said...

Great caption!
I also like Tracy Chevalier's books -- have you read/heard The Virgin Blue? I haven't read The Lady and the Unicorn yet, thanks for reminding me of it!

Jan said...

Your caption is great! I'd say finishing a dissertation is a great hurdle to leap over. I still need to do that one.

God_Guurrlll said...

The Tracy Chevaleir book you mentioned sounds so wonderful! I am a huge fan of historical fiction and European tapestries. I'm running to Border's right now!

Great play, great caption.