Sunday, September 7, 2008

Kitty update

The boys are growing and filling out. They're a little less skinny (thank heavens), but they still want to nurse. They try to do so on my fingers, my toes, anything they think might provide what they seek!

They also chase each other around the living room, climb on anything that they can, and pounce! It's really fascinating to watch them learn how to live. They are grooming themselves (and each other), and I can tell that one is a little more advanced than the other. He's more likely to pounce and also jumps down from higher things.

So sweet! I know, everyone says that I will become attached and won't want to give them up, but I know that can't happen. Yes, I am becoming attached, but I really cannot keep these little cuties. Aside from the whole preparing for religious life thing (and thus giving up possessions), they make me sneeze!

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