Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Wednesdays always seem long--I don't have any classes, and I usually spend the day preparing for tomorrow's class. But it's hard to just sit and read and create a lecture all day, so I end up at Starbucks ( other coffee shops around here). Reading still, but with gingerbread latte accompanying me. Much nicer!

It's been one of those Wednesdays. Tomorrow there is a lot to do--pictures for the university website, learning how to tape lectures for online education, dinner with a friend from out of town, and then evening class on women in the church. It will be an interesting one--we are looking at missionary women to Quebec in the 17th century, then missionaries to Louisiana Territory later in the early 19th century. The really interesting part will be examining images of Mary during that time, and how the submissive obedient image we inherit of Mary in the Catholic Church developed over time.

Ever notice that Mary in the Gospels is not so submissive? She's the one who walks to Elizabeth's home when she is clearly with child, the one who tells Jesus to make wine from water, and then tells the waiter at someone else's house to do whatever Jesus asks! Does that sound like a submissive woman? Or maybe rather it sounds like a woman who gets things done, who does what she knows is right. It will make for interesting class discussion.

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